NACHcares: The Feed
Agency Meeting Updates

Crisis Services of North Alabama (CSNA)

Crisis Services of North Alabama is looking for volunteers for all of the services they provide. If you live in the Madison county area and are able to volunteer and interested, please contact them via their website or at their offices, which can be found here.

Disaster Relief

The last day to apply for FEMA Assistance after the storms that struck us here in Alabama is June the 27th, 2011. If you still need FEMA assistance or have not yet applied please contact a FEMA representative.

There will be a Disaster Relief meeting on this coming Thursday, June 15, 11 am at 320 Fountain Circle, in the EMA Building. A FEMA representative will be present.

HMIS & HPRP Updates

Bowman has recently expanded and added ResourcePoint, a tool for volunteer management for HMIS participating agencies. This tool also allows for the tracking and coordination of events, and provides management tools for these events. This tool is flexible, and designed to track anything from picnics and volunteer hours for each volunteer during the event, or courses (such as GED, job training, etc.) and client participation in each class. The information can be used to generate reports and help track the response agencies are getting for each event. This update will be out within the next month to forty-five days.

Bowman is accepting as much feedback as they can get their hands on to make ServicePoint more accessible and useful to its agencies.

NACH General Membership Meeting

The next meeting will be at the Downtown Rescue Mission site on July 8 at 10am.

Also, someone has left a red Motorola smartphone at the meeting. If yours is missing and you attended the meeting, please contact us here and we’ll get it to you.

Presentation by Heather Artman in re: HMIS

Upgrades to Bowman’s Service Point 5.0 is somewhat glitchy but we have 97, nearly 98 percent data completeness since the new update. 

Floor opened for questions.

Heather Artman and Lineise Arnold will be heading to Project Homeless in Birmingham to observe and lend a hand. If you would like to attend meet in the First Baptist parking lot on Saturday morning at 8am.

HEARTH regulations remain held up in the Congress until further notice. We will update you and your agencies as soon as we are able.

General Membership Meeting

Our General Membership meeting is underway! Updates about our presentations for today will come as they happen. Welcome to HMIS, Downtown Rescue Mission! And welcome to our guests considering new membership!